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I craft memorable online journeys by transforming your website into an experience

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Hi, my name is Sigrid.
I am a passionate Web Designer and UX Designer with a background in the Events Industry, where I discovered my fascination for customer experiences. My journey has been all about creating memorable guest experiences. Now, I'm dedicated to designing exceptional user experiences online.

My focus is to not only provide a functional website but also to capture and express the essence of your company's identity through beautiful visual web design.
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UX Design
With an education in UX Design, I specialize in making your website user friendly. By engaging with the customer's needs and ensuring it can be used by everyone. The user is a great focus when it comes to my design and creativity.

Web Design
With an eye for detail, I focus on creating visual beautiful websites that are both user friendly and an experience. I work collaboratively with my clients to understand their unique brand and create a website that reflects their identity.

Webflow Expert
I work with Webflow to bring your online vision to life. Webflow is a powerful platform that allows me to create fully customized websites tailored to your brand's unique identity and goals. Whether your are starting from scratch or need an update. I help you create a website that is both visually an experience and user friendly.

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Webflow Website

Step 1: Discovery & Consultation

Step 2: Custom Web Design

Step 3: Responsive Design

Step 4: Content Integration

Step 5: Interactive Elements

Step 6: SEO Optimization

Step 7: Webflow CMS

Step 8: Training

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Personal Brand Shoot

I believe that your visual identity is a powerful tool for telling your brand story. With my personal branding photoshoot, we help you present yourself and your brand in an authentic and compelling way.

On-Location Photoshoot
We organize a photoshoot at a location that reflects your personality and brand.

Professional Photography
Our experienced photography team captures high-quality images that convey your brand story.

Image Editing
We edit the photos to ensure they look professional and appealing.

Image Delivery
You receive the edited photos in a suitable format for online use and printing.

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Website Aftercare

Our journey doesn't end at launch. My After Care ensures your website continues to perform at its best, with ongoing maintenance and assistance.


" You have made me so happy with my new website! It's clear and simple, just as I wanted, and you've created it incredibly fast. Our communication about it went surprisingly smoothly, and you handled everything around it quickly and efficiently: the transfer to another hosting company, the financial aspects, and the possibility to add more to the site in the future. Friends and clients say, 'So typical your website!' Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

Congruent managementsupport

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" I am very happy with the website designed by Sigrid for my catering company. The layout is clean, easy to navigate, and it beautifully showcases my services. The incorporation of my brand's aesthetic is also shown. She listens to wants and needs and puts in her own creativity. Thank you for a fantastic job! "

Simply Nicolien

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Let's work together to create the online journey that not only wows your visitors but also reflects the essence of you brand.